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"Feeling so free since my session with Lisa! Finally said goodbye to those hindering beliefs! Thank you so much:)"

Client with OCD , Midlands

Image by S Migaj

I have suffered with low self-esteem for as long as I could remember. My session with Lisa was so enlightening. I realised in the session that I used to have good self confidence in the past when I was quite young. The session made me realise where I got this limiting belief and why I have low confidence. I now know how to turn this around and received a recording that I listened to for 21 days. I now feel so different, and my confidence has improved so much. Thank you Lisa 
Client with low self esteem, Yorkshire


I used Lisa Garner Hypnotherapy, coaching and Training Limited for RTT Therapy as I had heard that this is a quick and effective therapy. My challenge was removing love blocks. The session was relaxing, and Lisa makes you feel instantly safe and excited about the session. This session was so effective, and I learnt so much about my subconscious mind and the impact this was having in holding me back. I would definitely recommend Lisa to others. Client with love blocks, Manchester

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